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Eight, because Google Analytics counts the blog homepage itself as the most popular on the blog and “Previous Entries” as tenth. Gotta tweak that request for 10 most popular pages. ANYWAY, on to the list…

1. To the Poor Schmuck Whose Car Blew Up Last Night: by Max Linsky

Great photography, Max, but I’m pretty sure the preferred spelling is “shmuck”

2. Capitol Hill’s Murky: History? by Erik Wemple

How did we start talking about credit-card fees?

3. Spitzer Missed Lesson of D.C. Madam by Erik Wemple

Commenter Joe’s plea that Spitzer’s downfall “maybe warrants 2 posts max for a DC metro area blog” is well-taken. Still, this is No. 3 for the week.

4. Wire Finale: Not Crappy by Mark Athitakis

Huh. Three of the Top 4 entries so far have colons in the title. Something to chew on for those of us who never make the Top 9.

5. Charlotte Allen Interview by Amanda Hess

I’ll bet if she’d called this “Charlotte Allen: The Interview” it would have totally vaulted over that Murky post.

6. What You Must Know about Spitzer Affair by Erik Wemple

Wemple’s belated entry into the field of service journalism met with fuego page views!

7. White Hand’ll Be Gone Today by Erik Wemple

Giant hands = blog gold

8. Bolt Bus Is Bunk by Angela Valdez

Consumers flocked to site to tell Valdez she’s alone in having trouble with Bolt’s Web site.