D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells‘ staffer reports in his blog that public comment is being sought on the types of glass slated to be used for the Eastern Market rehab. You still have a chance to see the glass(!) as it will be shown in the North Hall this weekend.

The D.C. Food Blog swears off Food Network star Paula Deen. We just found her southern-fried persona tiresome. The blog has much, much stronger reasons, they write:

It is with great disappointment that we have made the decision to no longer watch Paula Deen, a Food Network chef and cookbook author who we have loved for many years. We will no longer be purchasing her magazine or books, sharing stories about her show, or making any statement or observation that could in any way be construed as supporting her continued relationship with and consistent statements in support of Smithfield Foods.

The blog goes on to site horrible working conditions at Smithfield Foods plants. Apples and Bananas adds their name to the boycott.

Prince of Petworth gets a note from a tenant of the burned-out Mount Pleasant apartment building. They report that the owners of the building have been less than responsive. Meanwhile Hear Mount Pleasant is organizing great things for the tenants. [And yet, on our way home from work last night, we saw a homeless man asleep on the grass in front of the burned-out church. And not a half-block up, the usual scenes from a hasty eviction—a couch and clothes scattered along a curb].

TPM reports on the Newsmax-Kristol flap/fib/fuck-up.

Upset the Setup offers up a sweet skate video (complete w/ shot of Yum’s).

The Vinyl District showcases the White Album. But first confesses this funny anecdote: “This Beatles ‘White Album’ was purchased with KISS’ ‘Hotter than Hell’ — a coup it seemed, cuz well, the back of the KISS LP actually had a bit of nudity. But where WAS my brain that I’d want to purchase the ‘White Album’ along with ‘Hotter Than Hell?'”

And now, your morning workout song off this. Thank you, soul-sides.