Last spring, H Street venue The Red & The Black started up “Shot-and-a-Haircut,” a Tuesday night promotion offering up a shot of whiskey and a shear for just $12. But after a year of liquoring up and chopping off, the bar was forced to shut down the enterprise three weeks ago. As it turns out, you need a license for that.

According to manager Ricardo Vergara, The Red & The Black brought in licensed hairdressers to buzz its buzzed patrons, but the bar still needs to secure its own permit to allow them to operate on the premises. The whiskey shot, of course, is still available, but the haircut is on hold indefinitely. “We’re trying to find some way to get a barbershop license to continue it,” says Vergara. “It was an extremely popular night for us.”

In the meantime, the bar has started up a new promotion: “Ninja Warrior/American Gladiator Happy Hour” which features the Japanese and U.S. competitions onscreen and $2.25 drinks behind the bar each weeknight from 5 to 8. The new night also offers up $1 kamikaze shooters whenever a contestant moves to a higher level in the competition. Don’t worry: That happens a lot. “One night, six contestants made it in the three hours,” says bar manager Anne Marisic. “I was starting to get a little worried.”