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The Atlas of Creation came in the mail today. The book weighs about 20 pounds and has holograms of animals on the cover. The author, Harun Yahya, goes through hundreds of animals in the fossil record and demonstrates, or rather just states, that they haven’t evolved for millions of years and thus God made everything.

The skulls that are put forward as evidence for so-called evolution belong either to extinct species of monkeys, or to human races that no longer exist today. And none of them can be accepted as evidence for evolution.

A bio on the website describes the author as a devout Muslim and Turkish intellectual who has been waging war against materialism his whole life. He saves this argument for the last chapter of the book, which begins thus: “WARNING! The chapter you are now about to read reveals a crucial secret of your life. You should read it very attentively and thoroughly for it is concerned with a subject that is liable to make a fundamental change in your outlook to the external world.”

Yahya explains the world we live in is just a flimsy replication of the real world God created. For proof, he points to Virtual Reality. You know, the gimmicky visors and gyrating platforms that came out in the 1990s and failed to convince anyone they were piloting a helicopter? Anyway, since we all so often fall for the illusions of virtual reality, it proves that we can be convinced by any mere replica, like the chair you’re sitting in right now.

The book is on sale here for just $99.