Dan Snyder’s wounded amusement chain, Six Flags, has announced the formation of the Thrilleaders, billed as “the first-ever professional, theme park cheerleading team.”

From the press release:

The Thrilleaders will captivate Six Flags guests with their explosive, high-energy routines and act as Ambassadors of Thrill throughout the Six Flags family of parks. In addition to performing at parks, the Thrilleaders will also participate in various community, charitable and corporate events.

Snyder loves cheerleaders. He’s reworked the Redskins cheerleaders into perhaps the most marketed, least-clothed crew in the league. But amusement parks are a whole other ballgame.

No surprise that no other theme-park chain beat Six Flags to this punch. The Thrilleaders could be Snyder’s dumbest idea since signing Brandon Lloyd.

Wasn’t Lloyd supposed to act as an Ambassador of Thrill, also?

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