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From the Post‘s roundup:

About 9 a.m., one black-clad group of eight sat down in the intersection at 17th and L streets NW, roping themselves together with rubber tubing and blocking traffic. Police were using boltcutters and other tools to separate them from each other and make arrests. The intersection was closed to traffic until shortly after 10 a.m. At that point, the protesters began marching east on L Street.

After congregating at McPherson Square and Franklin Square, the main groups of protesters moved to the Internal Revenue Service building, the headquarters of the American Petroleum Institute, and other locations they had selected. About 20 protesters were arrested when they tried to break through security barriers and block the entrance to the IRS office at 12th Street and Constitution Avenue NW.

At the IRS, some demonstrators wore white ponchos decorated with anti-IRS slogans. Members of the group said they planned to blockade the front of the building and prevent it from opening. They blame the agency for helping fund the war.

Is this the Ron Paul wing of the anti-war folks? Don’t you feel a little bad for the IRS drones who had to face this? Maybe it’s the one time we can feel sorry for the IRS.