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I spend about two hours each day outside, commuting to and from work via bicycle, and on days like this I can’t help but reconsider my raingear strategy. Currently that strategy is hoping it doesn’t rain. I have rain pants, but they don’t seem to really work (maybe they’re worn out?). So lately I’ve been considering a rain cape. These capes are very popular in Britain, and French gendarmes used to wear them while pedaling around. (The French word for cape is pélerine, not to be confused with pélerin, which means pilgrim, or pelé, which means bald. If I bought a cape I’d be a pélerineur pelé.) Thing is, with one of these babies on, I could hardly blame someone for throwing a rock at me. Hell, I’d probably throw a rock at myself if it were possible.

Then again, this is D.C., not really the kind of city where you’re gonna get dogged for choosing function over form.

My dithering continues, soggily.