An admirable act of transparency at Slate, where writers who supported the invasion of Iraq discuss how they feel about said support five years on.

In this spirit of openness, I decided to reexamine my blog posts over the past year. Here’s some things I could have done better.

1. “Summary Lovin'” was way too meta.

2. Making fun of one of our new owner’s franchise properties was perhaps an example of thrill-seeking.

3. I actually like the Keurig now.

4. It’s best not to engage the DCeiver at all.

5. I ran out of jokes long before I ended this feature.

6. Atlanta’s nickname isn’t “The Big ‘A.'” That’s actually the nickname of Akron, Ohio.

7. Athitakis dresses much better than this.

8. Despite many tries, I’ve never managed to draw the ire of Ron Paul supporters, and I am totally jealous of how easily Cherkis does it.