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Now THIS is a missed connection. Some selection from its 1131 words:

  • Guys aren’t good at expressing their emotions. This writer, in particular, is definitely not good at expressing his emotion in public (hence, the third-person). Yet I understood somewhere, that all humans have a common thread. They want to be cared for, appreciated and loved. This holds true for everybody—even for that crazy Asian that wants to build a dynasty. Silly Asian. I hope this letter makes you smile, even if nothing else comes of it.
  • I wanted to tell her, but couldn’t.”I don’t want these girls. The girl I want to know is here.”

    But I was young and naive and didn’t understand what listening to your heart meant. How would she and I be able to handle the awkwardness of seeing each other after that remark?

  • The hero has learned a lot from his trials and tribulations. There’s new meaning in the motto, carpe diem. And oh yea! He’s learned not to look like a gargoyle 24-7 and women find him much more attractive.His adventures will continue. Good luck, hero!