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An enduring mystery of District life, at least for me, a non-District resident: Why is the Exxon at the corner of Virginia Avenue NW and Rock Creek Parkway so bloody expensive? Today a gallon of regular will set you back $3.69 at that station. That’s 20 cents more than the next most expensive station in D.C. , according to Gasbuddy.com. I pass by this station every day and am always surprised by how much it costs to gas up there.

I’ve heard predictions that gas will hit $4 a gallon by this summer; that station is on course to hit that price point by next month! And I just don’t understand why the invisible hand isn’t working in this case. Do Watergate residents enjoy the station’s quaint exterior so much that they don’t mind paying such a premium? Is the service amazing? How about the coffee? Why is this place still in business?

Artwork by unclejerry