Too much going down on an Easter weekend to waste any time in this space. Let’s get right into roundupping:

*Folks at Washington Post Co.’s Express appear to have had a nice weekend, as this feature on the ins and outs of ceviche is still fronting the commuter paper’s Web site.

*Don’t really understand why they’re doing it now, but Washingtonian chimes in with an essay on the turning points in D.C. history by a guy named Larry Van Dyne.

*The Washington Post has launched its 1,234th blog. It’s on lax.

*The Washington Times, for its part, is talking about just how the fighting between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama is boosting John McCain.

*Also, for the die-hards out there, D.C. institution and WAMU analyst Jonetta Rose Barras fronts the Outlook section of the Post with a piece in which she distances herself from the rantings of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright.