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This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Eastern Shore. Once I got off Route 50 and hit 301, the scenery changed to great big patches of farm land. There were cows (look cows!). There were those irrigation systems with the wingspans of great pre-historic birds. There were water towers (look water towers!). Out the window resembled one long series of Neil Young album covers.

I slowed for the small towns (look antique shops! look small-town bars!). I kept an eye out for fruit stands (apple butter!).

Inevitably the question comes up: Would you live here?

For the first 15 minutes on 301, the answer is almost always: “Yeah, sure. I could do it.”

After another 15 minutes on 301, the answer is almost always: “I could spend my summer here. It would be relaxing.”

Then on the way home: “I couldn’t live here. But it might be cool to spend a few weekends here.”

And always, after passing the Washington Times ticker, I feel really glad to see that Checkers.

photo courtesy of mdisfun.org.