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Nothing brought home the real meaning of Easter quite like the buzz surrounding the Jonas Brothers’ scheduled appearance at today’s White House Easter Egg Roll.

Craigslist was jammed with ticket offers relating to the Roll. A family from Detroit offered four tickets to the Redskins/Lions game next season for four Roll tickets. Another barterer said he’d trade tickets to see the JoBros, a Disney created sensation, in exchange for passes to see the Pope at the new baseball stadium.

But the best begging came from an alleged military wife from Fort Belvoir. On Saturday, she posted the following plea:

My husband, who is in the Air Force, tried to get in line around 3am but did not get tickets. This is our last Easter in the area. We would love to go and need 2 adult and 3 children tickets. I just think it is sad that my husband fights for our Country’s freedom but still can’t get tickets for this event. Please email us if you would be willing to sell us tickets that as a military family we can afford. Sad that America has come to this…

Hours after posting that, the same alleged military wife went back to Craigslist to retract her plea, with bitterness. Apparently, somebody with tickets didn’t like sense of entitlement in the Ft. Belvoir beggar’s original post:

To all you Americans that are proud of the USA. Earlier I had posted a need for tickets for the White House Easter Egg roll and that my husband is serving in the military. He tried to get tickets but got there too late (4am). Below is one the responses I received. After reading this response I no longer want to attend the event if this is the type of people that will be there. I really don’t want my children exposed to people like this…

Dear Military Wife:

If you waited for tickets like the rest of us, you’d have them. Also, your husband may fight in the uniform of this country, but he is not fighting for our freedom. We are currently occupying 2 foreign countries where we are losing 2 wars to 2 countries with NO military. Whether we spend another $10 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan or not, neither of those countries could EVER affect any freedoms we have in the US. President Bush likes to listen to our phonecalls without warrants. That’s a freedom we lost. Perhaps you all could fight to get that one back?

Good luck finding tickets.

As Jesus said: Bring it on!