We have one TV too many. The TV we’re getting rid of is a fine TV with a very good picture. It’s a 20-inch tube TV, with some sort of filter that makes the picture better.

And I’m selling it for cheap. $40! $10 extra gets you a DVD player!

So why can’t I get anyone on Craigslist to commit to my TV? The first person to reply to my ad traded seven e-mails with me, asked for directions, and set up a time to come over. Then she stood me up and e-mailed the next day, saying she’d changed her mind. A gentleman e-mailed offering $40 for both the TV and the DVD player. Another fellow e-mailed saying he’d be willing to make the drive “all the way to Del Ray” from Bethesda only if I knocked off $10 from the price. Then there was the guy who I had to call, who didn’t have a car, and was wondering if he could take them home on the bus and which bus he should take. I looked up the bus map and schedule for him, but then some jerk gave him a TV and he wasn’t interested anymore. Two people have told me they were ready to come over and buy it and didn’t show up. The most recent kept me on the phone for 15 minutes last night, asking me to describe the video inputs (there’s a photo of them on the ad). Then he asked me to e-mail a link to the ad, along with my address, so he could “Mapquest it.” Guess what? He didn’t call or show.

Do I need to add some Web video to move this thing? What am I doing wrong here?