Hey! I got the Google Analytics thing worked out! Actually Constance Miller, who rules, did it. But it’s my name on the blog post! Thanks, Constance! Anyway, Top 10 posts for last week after the jump.

1. Facebook Vengeance Maybe Tempting but Bad, Bad, Bad by Angela Valdez

Alanis Morissette references, but none to Fatal Attraction yet, curiously.

2. How Many Workers Does It Take to Fix a Metro Escalator? by Angela Valdez

Oh sure, everyone adores mass transit posts; bike commute rants get NO LOVE!

3. Even More on Murky Coffee by Rend Smith

The passion in this town for tax policy is understandable, I guess.

4. My Boyfriend’s in State of Play! by Tanya Snyder

Yawn. They used to film Third Watch on my street in Brooklyn. I’ve seen Coby Bell close up!

5. Cutting It Short by Amanda Hess

It’s all dead cells in the end.

6. Bolt Bus Is Bunk! by Angela Valdez

Like talking my mom through buying something on Amazon.

7. Evolution Is a Myth! by Angela Valdez

I’m beginning to notice a pattern in the titles of Valdez’s posts. Can’t argue with success, though.

8. Watch: Positive Nature Rally by Jason Cherkis

They say Web video is gonna save this business.

9. The New Restaurants Are Coming! The New Restaurants Are Coming! by Jule Banville

OK, from now on, exclamation points in EVERYTHING I post.

10. West Virginia Fans Are Dumb by Mike DeBonis

“I’m a West Virginia guy…”