Al Copeland, Popeyes Chicken founder, is dead at the age of 64. Pour out some cajun gravy for the guy at one of D.C.’s 12 local Popeyes locations. Looks like Copeland led a pretty full life. According to NPR:

In 1989, Popeyes acquired rival Church’s Chicken, which later forced Copeland’s company into bankruptcy. Through good times and bad, Copeland led an extravagant lifestyle: sports cars, speed boats—and garish Christmas light displays at his suburban New Orleans home that were so popular that authorities had to direct traffic and neighbors filed lawsuits. There were lavish weddings and bitter divorces that were the talk of the town.

A footnote:

Copeland died in Germany, where he was getting treatment for a rare form of salivary gland cancer.

From salivating over his delicious chicken, no?