* A man arrested for carrying a shotgun and a sword outside the U.S. Capitol in January had a bomb, too: It sat in his truck, parked in a government lot, for three weeks after the incident. WTOP has the report: “Police initially searched Gorbey’s truck in January and said there were propane tanks and wires but no immediate danger . . . Now U.S. Capitol Police are investigating how their bomb squad missed the bomb.”

* The Post has the story about McCain and Clinton “slapping” Obama with the “L Word.” It’s a “double-barreled attack” meant to out Obama as a liberal. Busted!

* In McSweeney’s Dispatches from the Anacostia, local writer Holly Jones follows the lives of youth working in the Anacostia River’s Earth Conservation Corps. A new installment is out today:

I ask Little D to describe this past month in a few words. “Oblivion shot,” she says, and then giggles. “I heard that on TV. I don’t even know what it means.”

While Gemini curses her phone for dying on the day her younger son’s father is scheduled to call, Little D and I talk about what a shot of oblivion might do to a person, how it might feel, and what “oblivion” means. She stares at the Washington Post classifieds she picked up earlier while I use the word in various sentences. She shakes her head. “I don’t want that word. How about ‘not good enough’? Just ‘not good enough.'”

* Above, local tumblr pterodactyls just gets around to posting this vintage beauty, snapped last year at the corner of 23rd & L Sts NW.