Something’s been missing from WTOP radio’s Politics Program With Mark Plotkin since earlier this year. That would be Mark Plotkin.

Since early January, the hourlong Friday morning show has been helmed by WTOP reporter Mark Segraves.

Plotkin, reached at his Glover Park home, says he hasn’t been feeling like his usual vigorous self lately. “I have some health concerns,” he says, “and I took some time off until I feel better again.”

He declined to elaborate or predict when he might return to his show, except to say, “I hope to come back very soon.” Plotkin has been working with WTOP producers and contributing occasional short analysis segments.

With perhaps the most bruising presidential nomination battle in a generation shaping up the past few months, LL and others have been surprised to find Plotkin, a inveterate political junkie, sitting on the sidelines.

“This is high season,” he says. “This is really an irony of all ironies.”