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me: so, i have an idea friend: k friend: puts chin on hands me: there’s this blog me: called A Prolific Squalor me: http://prolificsqualor.wordpress.com/ friend: otay me: it’s all about IM chats friend:LOL me: so i was think it’d be clever if I did a blog post friend: funny me: that was, you know me: you and me me: IMing about the IM blog me: clever, yes? friend: lol friend: you mean all meta and shit? me: yeah me: like how you’re not really laughing up there me: you’re just doing reflexive “i’m paying attention” loling me: which isn’t laughing friend: lol serves many functions me: oh? me: waits and listens friend: tis a conversational lubricant, tantamount to an eh? or too often friend: a transitional thing friend: it’s like….tuckpointing friend: fills in cracks a l il me: one of the IMs on the blog is about fucking elmo me: we need to step up our game here me: like, literally fucking elmo me: sexually. friend: oh! friend: I thought….right friend: you want us to write about fucking elmo? me: No me: but we have to be at least that clever friend: we get there friend: just need to stay loose friend: and not wait for brilliance…just let it come me: I found it on this blog, btw me: http://www.artsjournal.com/quickstudy/2008/03/instant_message.html me: Scott McLemee, D.C. book critic me: i think i’m a little insecure about the whole LOL thing. friend: I kinda hate that I do it too friend: but…it’s 2008 me: awesome. I’m dragging you down with me. friend: my right index finger won’t stop now friend: no, ring finger friend: fourth finger, whatever friend: you know…the LOL-typing one me: I’m sure that’s what they call it on Mavis Teaches Typing now friend: it’s reflexive muscle memory at this point friend: LOL friend: I snickered friend: I bet you LOL without even….thinking friend: just…typa typa typa me: so that’s the takeaway here, yes? me: IM = way to mildly amuse ourselves? me: under the guise of presenting valid information? friend: Cor, I dunno how to answer that. friend: Are we on the record? me: Yes. me: This is going to be a Blog Post friend: Shit, I should have gotten my hair done friend: so…Elmo me: meh. me: we’re done, i think me: camera’s off. friend: LOL