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The Office of Police Complaints has yet again run into uncooperative law enforcement types. In recent years, they’ve battled with the D.C. Police Department. We wrote about this here and here. Now comes the news that the U.S. Secret Service Police refuses to come forward and be interviewed by the agency.

In a press release sent out, the OPC breaks down the situation:

Secret Service refuses to make one of its Uniformed Division officers available to be interviewed by OPC, even though the officer is believed to have witnessed conduct by Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers that led to the filing of a citizen complaint.

This represents the height of hypocrisy on the part of the Secret Service. For years, police departments here and everywhere else have raised a stink about the lack of cooperation from witnesses. Homicide detectives complain all the time that they can’t get citizens to step up and testify. And here we have a law enforcement officer refusing to come forward and just explain what they saw.

It just isn’t all that difficult. Philip K. Eure, OPC’s executive director, explains in the press release:

“A full investigation of the citizen complaint and a fair resolution of the matter are very important to the city, to the citizen who reported the incident, and to the MPD officers who are facing serious allegations about their professional conduct.”

The OPC has submitted a complaint to Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton. In its letter, they outline the circumstances of the complaint:

A citizen has alleged that several police officers entered her home one evening while chasing her teenage son, whom the officers believed to be an armed robbery suspect. The citizen reported that the officers, who had their weapons drawn, roughly restrained her son, pointed their weapons at her and her family members, and used coarse language toward the people present in the house. The son was later released by police after witnesses failed to identify him as the perpetrator.