Metrocurean fronts with the big news that the nominations for the “RAMMYS”—D.C.’s foodie equivalent of the Oscars—have been announced:

The biggest news is that because our dining scene is so freakin awesome, the judges broke the rules and nominated six spots for Best New Restaurant, instead of the standard five. Brasserie Beck, Central Michel Richard, Hook, Proof, The Source by Wolfgang Puck and Westend Bistro by Eric Ripert all snagged nods for the category.

I can’t tell if these nominees are good picks. I’ve only eaten at one of these joints. Still, these nominees don’t seem like too much of a surprise. Here’s what are beloved food critic and raters had to say about Westend Bistro, Hook, Proof, and Brasserie Beck.

We the dining public get to vote on these categories:

• Neighborhood Gathering Place of the Year: Ardeo, Belga Cafe, Billy Martin’s Tavern, Hank’s Oyster Bar – DC, Mark & Orlando’s

• Hottest Restaurant Bar Scene of the Year: Brasserie Beck, Central Michel Richard, Poste Moderne Brasserie, Proof, The Source by Wolfgang Puck

• Power Spot of the Year: Bistro Bis, Charlie Palmer Steak, Monocle on Capitol Hill, Seasons at Four Seasons Hotel, The Oceanaire Seafood Room.

But forget about the RAMMYS—Contribute to our Best Of Issue.

And Now, Anacostia offers a survey of green houses with funny captions.

Penn Quarter Living is accepting paparazzi photos of Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe and Co. Gridskipper provides a handy google map of where the actors have been.

In Shaw asks: “What do Artists Need?” They write: “A comment back on one of the empty schools posts, has got me a wondering. We talk about creating spaces for artists, arts districts, etc. but that got me to wondering about what exactly do artists (and what kind of artists) need. Individual artists, groups/companies of artists, professional and amateur artists, what is it that they need? ‘Cause I don’t want to assume too much.”

Your wake-up song: “Wild Packs of Family Dogs” by Modest Mouse. Thank you Moist Works.

There’s an amazing song floating around off the new Al Green album. You can listen to it here.

photo of Meridian Hill Baptist Church.