Two years ago, I wrote the first post on this blog. Since then, City Desk has gone through a change or two. At first, us print-media troglodytes, like many before us, were under the impression that us real journalists need to be held to higher standards—-you know, every post would be well reported and thoroughly edited (by me).

That’s well and good, as long as three or five posts a day was a decent pace. Eventually, we figured out it wasn’t, so last year, we just said fuck it and opened the floodgates. Now we’re doing 10 posts or better a day and, judging by the numbers, we should have done that a long time ago.

So City Desk readers, two years later, what say you? Do you yearn for the flawlessly edited posts of yesteryear? More trenchant cultural analysis? More service journalism?

Finally, on this occasion, let’s pour one out for the City Desk regular features we’ve lost over the past two years: Mayor’s Schedule, The ‘Huh?’ Bub, E-List Roundup, Scene & Herd, Hot Plate, The Road to 121 Losses, and last but not least, the Pay-What Roundup. Reminisce in the comments.