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We’re suckers for a name. It’s proven in this article by Gary Regan who created a tasty-sounding cocktail of single-malt Scotch (he recommends Oban or Springbank) and Canton ginger liqueur. He first named this concoction Whisky Qing after the Qing Dynasty, which is around when ginger liqueurs were first made in China. The drink went unordered. When he changed the name to the Debonair, the drink started to catch on.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to make the jump that people aspire to be the drinks they order. Clearly, if you are drinking a Debonair, then you are debonair. After an unofficial survey of popular drinks ordered in bars, I have discovered that Washingtonians want to be cosmopolitan Manhattanites who study aviation and ride in sidecars with their girlfriend, Margarita. While drinking mojitos. So get your work done and head to a bar where you can live out your dreams. Happy Friday!