Last night, WJLA reported—along with everybody else—on a mysterious death inside Superior Court.

Here’s what we learned today: At around 3:30 p.m., a man fell to his death from the 3rd Floor. This is the floor where a lot of your criminal cases are tried. He was described to City Desk as an African-American male in his mid 50s. Although his name has not been released—at the time of this post—it appears he did not have a case pending.

He landed near the information desk. According to a source the man may have left a suicide note.

Within 20 minutes, paramedics had attended to the man and had taken him away in an ambulance. Police closed off the lobby as they considered it a possible crime scene. The front doors were shut. Police set about interviewing any witnesses.

Police re-opened the lobby yesterday evening.

Earlier this month there was another death inside the courthouse.