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Kojo had a pretty interesting discussion today about the plan to let people sign away their rights and let police come search their homes for guns. The deal offers amnesty for the guns — ostensibly belonging to rascally grandsons — but not for anything else. And if the gun’s connected to crime, well, that’s that. I was pretty horrified to hear callers spouting nonsense about ‘if you’ve got something to hide, you deserve to get caught,’ and ‘crime’s so bad, we have no other choice.’ The dude from the ACLU tried to point out the problems with the plan but I don’t think it gets through to people. The whole “fear of crime” thing (what a weird, wiggly concept) seems to have finally trumped actual crime trends in determining appropriate sacrifices of our civil liberties. Most people actually believe the police have every right to enter your home, voluntary waiver or not. D.C. already wants to throw out the Second Amendment, maybe we’ll toss out the Fourth too.