I’ve just rescued a Popeyes press release from my junk box titled: “POPEYESR (sic) WANTS TO KNOW: WASHINGTON, D.C. . ARE YOU BONAFIDE?”

In the press release for its new “Bonafide” marketing campaign, Popeyes gets strangely political, winking to Obama with its new slogan: “Change Your Chicken … get BONAFIDE.”

According to the press release, the company has issued a “call to action” for fans to submit 30-second videos showcasing their “bonafide” talents. Among them: “poetry, baton twirling, mentoring, wind surfing, whistling.” But liking fried chicken makes you more than just a “mad-truth speaker” and sometime windsurfer. It also makes you … young and progressive?

“Popeyes customers are young and progressive. They are passionate about what they do in life and they are passionate about our brand,” said Dick Lynch, chief marketing officer of Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits.

The lucky winner will receive free Popeyes food for a year.