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1. “Downie Won’t Knock Down Departure Rumor” by Erik Wemple

After getting his ass handed to him by Valdez last week, rédac-chef regains top spot.

2. “Leonsis: You Need an Eidtor!” by Erik Wemple

At this point, I’d think people involved in professional hockey and people involved in print media would be natural allies.

3. “Jesus Died? Then Let’s Go See the Jonas Brothers” by Dave McKenna

Unpopular: Christian rock, military wives

4. “Barry Wants to Rename Freeway After MLK” by Mike DeBonis

And Chris Carmack remains ignored by city poo-bahs. Are we just gonna let our history die?

5. “Please Help Me Rid Myself of/Name the Mouse in My Basement” by Amanda Hess

The animal cruelty argument against mousetraps is something I’ve never considered.

6. “Bolt Bus Is Bunk” by Angela Valdez

Bolt bigwig makes the error of engaging frequent commenter Ernest vis-a-vis his potty mouth. Oh, he’s gonna wish he hadn’t opened that door!
7. “The Post‘s Renaissance Man” by Jason Cherkis

Curiously enduring.

8. “Managing Your Rodent Infestation: An Ongoing Series” by Amanda Hess

“You could shave your newly adopted cat!” offers commenter Urban Explorer.

9. “Plotkin Takes Health Leave” by Mike DeBonis

Politican reporter reports on political reporter; time-space continuum intact.

10. “More on the Ford’s Theatre Money” by Mike DeBonis

Whatever. That block is fanny-pack depot,” says commenter Reid.