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A few months ago, LL gave a little ink (second item) to the Statehood Delegation Fund Commission, a body tasked with appropriating the money collected though a check-off box on District income tax forms to the District’s three shadow members of Congress. (Yes, LL’s ink likely would be the only ink it has ever gotten.)

The fund currently holds a little over $30,000. The only member of the board is Barney Circle activist John Capozzi. With no quorum, the money has not been spent.

Last week, Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray circulated a memo informing his colleagues that he’d be introducing emergency legislation today that would take the statehood delegation fund out of the statehood delegation fund commission’s hands, essentially disbanding the body. The memo states the statehood delegation would be free to spend the money directly.

Capozzi spoke last night on Gray’s proposal, on behalf of his august institution: “We had a meeting, we discussed it, and it passed with no opposition.”