* Gridskipper has your guide to surviving the Cherry Blossom Festival. Just in time: The blossoms reportedly peak tomorrow.

* Are theCaps poised to pwn into the playoffs?!!!!1 (via WTOP).

* The D.C. Council repealed a law yesterday allowing landlords of vacant buildings exemption from tenants rights laws. Graham gets “the bad guys”; Post pats self on back. Check out their interactive feature on the issue—complete with scare fonts—here.

* Prince of Petworth ponders, is it a waste to hose sidewalks instead of just sweeping them? A commenter weighs in on the complicated issue:

This lazy wastefulness was among the first DC bad habits I noticed upon moving here in ‘85. I often see the workers chasing a lone cigarette butt into the gutter with a powerful spray. In defense of hosing, there is a surprising amount of urine sprayed every night on ALL of the buildings…If you go to work before 6:30, it’s discouraging to see. So maybe a sweep for litter first, then hosing of the urine?