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It’s not every week that Washington, D.C., gets a new baseball stadium. I realize that. But please, local publications, get this baseball-crazy bug out of your system as soon as possible. I’m tired of seeing some new iteration of the same story, over and over again. Here we go, prime example: stories about the stadium food.

Jeff Dufour of the Washington Examiner, I’m talking to you! We almost featured your story “Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,” which ran yesterday, on the latest Fuego/Frio episode. The Post wrote about stadium food on the front page of their Food section on March 5. They talked prices and vendors and overall provided way more information than your piece. Sorry.

But then, the Post re-wrote their own stadium food story in today’s Food section. This time, they judged rather than just reported on the food, with the oh-so-cute labels of “Home Runs,” “Runs,” “Hits,” and “Errors.” But come on, if I’m in the mood for a Kosher hot dog, I’m going to get that hot dog, even though the Post gave it the lowest rating. I’m at the game! Who cares if it’s rubbery?

Maybe, I’m just jealous because I didn’t get to run around gorging myself on junk food in the name of work. Or, maybe, I’m grouchy because enough is enough…it’s time for a new story.