Go back to bed! Washington is very boring this morning!

*Didn’t see this one coming: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says we’re probably into recession territory.

*Yes, he can win Pennsylvania, says a Politico article about a new poll showing Barack Obama in the lead in PA’s democratic primary.

*“Thirty years ago, you worked at a newspaper, you moved to a magazine, and then you wrote books or screenplays. Today you can be a blogger who writes books or you can be a stripper who wins an Academy Award for Best Screenplay.” According to this article in the New York Observer, young writers aren’t that interested in working for magazines anymore. Not buying it! But, the piece is worth a read.

*Under the heading “Annoying,” Wonkette has a video of some guy relentlessly harassing Obama for a picture, so he supposedly can sell it on eBay. Campaign commerce indeed!

*And, check out this interview with Esquire writer and first time novelist Mike Sager on this very website. (I looked long and hard for one other item outside of this website that was more interesting. Then, clearly, I gave up.)