Peter Nickles has now been interim attorney general for nearly three months. The controversial consigliere has yet to indicate definitively whether he plans to ditch the interim tag and submit his name for the permanent job, which would entail Nickles’ moving to the District and submitting to a bruising confirmation battle, or stand down for a yet-to-be-named new guy.

LL caught up with the man today in the general counsel’s office, fresh off a Hawaiian vacation, and asked him what the plan is.

“Whatever job search is being done is being done by the city administrator,” he says. “Whether I seek to stay or not hasn’t been decided.”

Then he threw out this out there: “I think we’re doing very important work,” he said, referring to a pair of “very serious lawsuits” recently filed against managed-care organizations Chartered Health Plan and Amerigroup and an upcoming campaign against slum landlords.

LL’s read: Not the talk of a man who sounds like he’s out the door anytime soon.