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Chief Lanier is scaling back a controversial gun-collecting program that would have had officers going door to door, asking residents for permission to search their homes for guns. Perhaps the MPD didn’t anticipate the little problem with civil liberties. Now, the program will only be offered by appointment. That gets around the intimidation issues, but it still doesn’t sit right with me that parents and grandparents could sign away the rights of their children.

A new controversial t-shirt design from Jennifer Baumgardner, the Brooklyn feminist who made the “I had an abortion” shirt, which was as controversial as it was fast-selling. The new shirt shows an open safe with a note inside that says, “I was raped.”

This is the year of good guys who turn out to be bad guys. Slate on two crusading plaintiff’s attorneys, masters of the shareholder lawsuit, now heading to prison on federal racketeering chargings.

Princess Sparkle Pony delivers “Condicising.” We can all do Condi’s workout here. I’m sort of freaked out by Condi, but I think it’s awesome that she’s so dedicated to fitness. Plus, the strength-training focus of her routine is, I think, a good choice in terms of self-promotion. Sarkozy could learn a thing or two.

From the Root, memories of the riots in D.C. touched off by the death of MLK, 40 years ago today.