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Jack Willmore, the builder and owner of the mid-century modern house I wrote about in this week’s Buyer’s Market seems to think I’m a snarky brat. He, or someone using his name, commented on the item:

Thanks for the article Angela, your sarcasm makes you sound real smart …. which I know is important to you.

Dude, I really think your house is cool. But it’s not everyday that you find a panic room and a koi pond in Fairfax. So I had to point that out.

Anyway, now that you’ve commented on me, I’m very curious about you. You and your brother run a home-building business founded in the philosophy of “enlightened self interest,” according to your website. I’m glad people are still building interesting homes, especially in the Colonial wasteland of Fairfax. You also have a very interesting personal website devoted to science and world travel and your general interests. You have written rambling essays on Pablo Escobar and Hippos, the Eleven Planets. You are indeed a Renaissance man, although I do think you could work on the five paragraph essay a bit. I had a little trouble finding your point. I also tried to complete your interactive quiz about the Native Americans but it didn’t work. Did the KKK kill the Indians? I may never know!

(Ok. Now maybe I’m making fun.)