1. Clinton Snags Unlikely D.C. Delegate Slot by Mike DeBonis

Thanks, Matt! Does this mean the wounds of the Murray Waas story have finally closed?

2. Editorial Workforce Reduction at WaTi by Erik Wemple

Says commenter thefrontpage: “Firing good people for no good reason is no way to go through life. Fat with subsidized money, drunk on your own power and stupid in management is also no way to go through life.”

3. Washington Alt-Weekly Retracts Little-Noticed Story by Erik Wemple

Journalist reporting on journalists sparks debate between readers of journalism criticism whether journalism criticism…sorry, too meta for me.

4. Jack’s Trip to Denver Derailed by Mike DeBonis


5. Spitting on the Cars of Dipshit Drivers by Matt Borlik

We call him “Angry Matt Borlik” around the office now. He just kinda scowls.

6. Where Have All the Sacagawea Dollars Gone? by Kim Gooden

Numismatists flock to site, look around nervously, flee.

7. When Will It Stop? Or Rather, When Will It Start? by Ruth Samuelson

How did this become a place to debate Jehovah’s Witnesses?

8. Leonsis: You Need an Eidtor! by Erik Wemple

We totally own “eidtor” on Google, now, btw.

9. Kaiser Fills Gap at WaPo by Erik Wemple

Sleeping: out. Bow ties: in!

10. Gray Pledges to Obama by Erik Wemple

C’mon guys, the Obama posts are too easy. I wanna see you work for the Top 10 next week!