One of DC basketball’s great mysteries — Why isn’t Adrian Dantley in the Hall of  Fame? — will no longer be mulled each spring.

The announcement that Dantley had at last been inducted came yesterday — or more than a decade late. Dantley’s NBA playing career ended in 1991, and when he left his 23,177 points ranked as the ninth best in league history. He also shot 54 percent for his career, an amazing stat for a 6’4″ guy.

He feuded with team owners and Isaiah Thomas during his playing career and sued super-agent/starmaker David Falk after it, any or all of which might explain why his enshrinement took longer than Art Monk‘s.

Dantley, who grew up in Columbia Heights and learned the game on the blacktop at Banneker Park and Rudolph Recreation Center, becomes the first DeMatha and Morgan Wootten player to join the coach in the Hall.