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This morning, the Post and the Examiner both got wise to the intrigue of the D.C. Democratic delegate count—-or at least the question of Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.‘s presidential loyalties.

To recap: Thomas had been an avowed Hillary Clinton supporter for months. Last Thursday, he ran for one of two unpledged add-on delegate spots and won, leading to heightened questions about his commitment to Hillary.

Thomas told LL after the vote, “I haven’t changed. I’m consistent.” But earlier in the week, Thomas staffer Ayawna Chase had told Shadow Rep. Mike Panetta that her boss had “changed his mind after hearing from his constituents,” according to Panetta’s comments on a Daily Kos posting. Then, yesterday, the D.C. Democrats sent out a spreadsheet listing all of the D.C. delegates along with their presidential preferences. Thomas was marked as supporting Clinton. Then, on Monday evening, a revised spreadsheet was sent out, along with a note explaining that Thomas “was incorrectly listed as a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton should read and tallied as ‘Unpledged’.”

Thomas said to LL this morning that he still hasn’t “changed officially.” He explained the spreadsheet change thusly: “What I wanted to do is honor the process of being an unpledged delegate.”

OK, whatever.

Here’s some interesting tidbits: According to Thomas spokesperson Vicky Leonard-Chambers, her boss is meeting with Clinton today and had mentioned potentially attending an Barack Obama event this evening. She also says Thomas hopes to meet with Obama himself soon.

“He’s doing what he said he would do, which is talk to both before he decides,” she says.