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According to the D.C. Police Department, some police districts saw drops in violent crimes as well as property crimes. This includes eight fewer homicides from this time last year. Still the results are a bit muddled. Take a look.

According to the MPD newsletter:

“Reported property crime in DC was down eight percent and violent crime was down five percent compared to the same month last year, according to preliminary statistics from the MPDC. For the month of March, three of the seven police districts saw increases in property crime. Decreases in property crime occurred in the First (-22%), Third (-24%), Fourth (-16%), and Fifth (-10%) Districts. Violent crime increased in four districts, with small increases of two percent and three percent for 1D and 5D, respectively. Violent crimes decreased in the Third (-14%), Sixth (-23%), and Seventh (-12%) Districts. Citywide, year-to-date Homicides and Sexual Assaults continue to remain lower than in 2007. As of April 1, there have been eight fewer homicides, and 26 fewer sexual assaults. Robberies are up four percent compared to the same time last year. Burglary increased 21 percent and Theft from Vehicle increased 10 percent; there have been three more reports of Arson. The remaining two property crime categories, Theft & Stolen Auto, decreased -3% and -12%, respectively. Citywide, for compared to this time last year, property crime decreased in three of the seven police districts. Every police district except the Second District registered increases in Burglary. Five of the seven districts experienced a decrease in Auto Theft, with a decrease of -38% in the Fourth District, and decreases in the mid-teens for the First, Third, Fifth and Seventh Districts.