This Friday marks the opening of the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue, a huge, ginormous day for journalists everywhere, even though the price of admission is set at $20.

Today on FishbowlD.C., you’ll get some quite good photographs of the place from the inside and outside, though not tons of insight on the $20 admission fee.

The Post‘s Howard Kurtz did a wonderful review of Newseum in Sunday’s Style & Arts section, grappling head-on with the museum’s $20 admission fee. Kurtz noted that a family with two teenagers would pay $80 to get in. He wrote that the $20 admission fee “feels stiff.”

Months back, Slate‘s Jack Shafer riffed about all the better ways to spend the stacks of cash that have been pumped into the Newseum. Shafer suggested pumping all the money into, like, endowing a newspaper and doing journalism! He addressed the issue of the Newseum’s $20 admission fee head-on. “Avoid the gilded disaster that is the Newseum. Avoid paying the $20 they charge for admission.”

USA Today did a wonderful job of plumbing the dynamics of the Newseum’s $20 admission fee, comparing it to other spendy museums nationwide.

It costs $20 to get into the Newseum.