* The Post’s Dan Morse has the scoop on the “demonic pentagram” created by a map of D.C. streets, “one that bores directly into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.” The tip comes via Lexington, South Carolina’s Cutting Edge Ministries(click to learn the “Secrets of the Dollar Bill!”) Morse ties in this evergreen crazies story by referring to John McCain’s penchant for calling D.C. the “City of Satan” when on the stump. But as Morse notes, “Satan and Washington go back.” Way back. It’s worth reading through his history of demonic Washington to get to the “avowed Satanist from Laurel.”

*In related news, our own Jule Banville isn’t the only one hating on the Pope bobblehead Metro ad. As it turns out, the Archdiocese of Washington doesn’t find it very funny, either. Quoth one Metro rider:

“The guy said thank heaven. When you’re religious or somewhat religious, you’re like you don’t want to play with our religion that much,” said Isabella Jones. [via WJLA]

* Well, some people like you! Mr. T in D.C. takes this opportunity to praise Metro.

* Prince of Petworth ponders the disabled trash can.

Photo by FredoAlvarez