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Rev. Lennox Yearwood thinks the D.C. Attorney General has it out for him. It all began last year, when Yearwood was charged with assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct after trying to get into a September 2007 hearing featuring testimony from General David Petraeus. The assault charge was soon dropped and, according to a release from Yearwood’s attorneys, the AG’s office dumped the disorderly conduct charge this February, when Yearwood showed up in court, fully prepared to do battle. The AG promised then and there, Yearwood’s lawyers contend, to seek charges against the minister for his participation in an October 2007 protest against the war and global warming. They made good on their word. Yearwood’s next court date is May 27.

I’m still waiting to here back from both sides in this case. The AG’s office did send me a copy of the most recent charges against Yearwood—for disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly. And indeed, the document was signed March 15, just a few weeks after the minister appeared in court for the previous case and about five months after the incident in question.