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When the Washington City Paper last published a “Best Of D.C.” issue, Iran-Contra was blowing up, Fugazi had just formed, and Three Men and a Baby was killin’ it at the multiplex. In other words, shit was totally amped!

Unfortunately, few CP staffers remain from 1987 to lead us down the righteous path to the Best Of (Darrow Montgomery, tell us your secrets!). As a result, we’ve had to reinvent the wheel a little bit and figure this all out on our own. I, for one, learned a lot.

Things I Learned From the Washington City Paper Best Of D.C. Issue:

1. Before he was stuffed and stuck in the Smithsonian, the National Postal Museum’s taxidermied canine hero Owney the Dog was murdered. Murdered! Dan Brown, are you listening?

2. Observatory Circle: not a circle.

3. No matter how many extra credits you use to fund your Internet jukebox Super Search, you will not find a single song by fictional Wayne’s World band Crucial Taunt. Unreal!

4. Do not take a picture of anybody’s $45 Led Zeppelin II record. You will be kicked out of their hippie throwback shop. You will still leave smelling like the fragrant smoke of sandalwood incense.

5. D.C. has a lot of great stuff!

Things I Learned From This Blog Post On The Washington City Paper Best Of D.C. Issue:

1. Three Men and a Baby was the subject of a persistent urban legend in the early 1990s that speculated that a figure appearing in the background of one scene was “the ghost of a boy who had been killed in the house where the movie was filmed.” Later, the figure was revealed to be a “cardboard cutout ‘standee’ of Jack (Ted Danson), wearing a tuxedo and top hat … created as part of the storyline, in which Jack, an actor, appears in a dog food commercial.” Alright!

Our 2008 Best Of D.C. issue hits newsstands a week from today.