Introducing: The Washington City Paper‘s (Surely!) 1st Annual Haiku Contest. This time around, three locals competed in five rounds of 5-7-5, on topics ranging from the classic (“Springtime”) to the delicious (“Meat”).

In this, our 1st Annual Haiku Contest Blog Post, we present our contestants, by way of autobiographical haiku.

Tonette Hartman, 55, haiku semi-pro:

Soul like a prism Learning growing and sharing Creates reflection

Jonny Goldstein, 40, new media producer:

mussed hair untucked plays blues harp eyes squinched tight tight wailing pain joy life

Roosh Valizadeh, 28, Silver Spring, sex and dating blogger:

Quarter life crisis Found few answers while abroad In me all along

To the races!

Post your own haiku, autobiographical or otherwise, in the comments.

Photo by william.ward