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That “award” is a pink slip. Rhee announces a boyout offer for 700 aging teachers, calls program the “Teacher Transition Award.”

An L.A. producer who sold adult films to D.C.’s porn aficionados has been charged with seven felonies for distributing obscenity. The allegedly offensive movies had Russ Meyer-ish titles like Milk Nymphos and Storm Squirters 2: Target Practice.

Polygamist cult gives up in a circle of tearful prayer. CNN has a pdf of the affidavit. One teenage mother tells the story of her physical and emotional abuse, starts crying and then tells her interviewers that she’s just fine and to forget everything she just said.

More fun with Palfrey’s call girls: WTOP learns that “Renee” is an active-duty lieutenant commander in the Navy.

Meanwhile, the French first lady posed naked. What’s wrong with us?