Washington Post this morning reports that the Fenty administration has been a bit selective in dishing out coveted tickets to the Washington Nationals. Some D.C. councilmembers get ’em, but Fenty leaves others off the list.

Those left on deck include At-Largers Phil Mendelson ,Carol Schwartz, and Kwame Brown. Not hard to figure out why those people would get stiffed, considering that they have shown little hesitancy to put a little water in the tank of the Fenty machine.

Another shunned councilmember: Ward 7 rep Yvette Alexander. What’s the deal here? Alexander hasn’t done much antagonizing of any sort since replacing Vincent Gray, who jumped from the Ward 7 seat to the council chairmanship in 2006.

So the verdict is this: Ticketgate is part petty pique and part disarray/incompetence. Right in line with a grand District tradition, in other words.