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This morning, Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise summed up the lessons of the first two games of the ongoing Caps-Flyers series:

Playoff hockey wasn’t Friday night; that was an aberration, a once-in-an-era, 18,000-strong love-in, consummating the relationship between fans and the players they’ve come to embrace. Playoff hockey was Game 2, the Flyers mercilessly forechecking, keeping the pressure on Capitals goalie Cristobal Huet even with a two-goal lead.

Which raises the question: Does this guy know from hockey? It sounds like a lot of sports-columnist boilerplate to me. You tend to hear the same line about the playoffs in the NBA—about how the defense tightens, and wimps lose, and finesse has no place. In other words, the sort of analysis that gets written when the columnist doesn’t have anything particularly insightful to add.

Caps fans, please help: Does Wise have it right that the Caps tried to play too pretty on Sunday and folded under the brute force of the Flyers?