On my way to work this morning, I glimpsed a headline from the DC/Baltimore-based publication the Afro American newspaper: Something about Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former Chicago preacher, being right about something or other. Seems a little late for the publication to start covering this story especially since Obama is now onto his next scandal. But, on further googling, I discovered the piece was actually an “exclusive commentary” written by Otis Moss III, the successor to Wright at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. The piece—entitled “Rev. Jeremiah Wright is Standing on the Right Side of History”—was posted on the website last night. It takes on a rather reflective tone about how Obama was treated by the press and how Wright’s comments were perceived. “The critical issue we are being challenged to come to grips with at this moment is our ability as Americans to be bi-cultural,” he writes. “Will we choose to assume that our faith tradition, political perspective and cultural vantage point is the only perspective worth engaging?” Anyway, it’s certainly less angry than a commentary published by the Afro American—which seems to have covered the whole controversy from a wide variety of angles; though the archive isn’t allowing too much access—just a few days earlier: “It seems clear that the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright is being used as a bludgeon to slow Sen. Barack Obama’s march to the Democratic Party nomination,” wrote Annapolis-area pastor Stephen Andrew Tillett. “I suspect that if Obama had dragged Wright onto the stage in chains and put a bullet in his head, he still would have been criticized for not responding decisively enough, or using a bullet caliber that wasn’t big enough.”