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“Sometimes I Feel Like I’m the Only One Trying to Gentrify This Neighborhood,” reads the headline on an Onion article that one of my co-workers taped to his door. Every time I see this, I think of the Brookland listserv, of which I am a member. Please, enterprising businessmen and women, help the folks over in Brookland. They have dollars, and apparently, few places to spend them. Whenever a resident discovers a new restaurant or store nearby, he or she starts doing free PR. A recent post:

Hello, neighbors: I don’t know how many of you have checked out the wonderful Artmosphere Cafe, five minutes down Rhode Island Avenue from us, but you should! It has great live music, film showings, family game nights, and poetry readings in the evenings, a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere during the days, comfortable couches, and spacious tables, yummy healthy food and free wireless service. I highly recommend going there—its a great complement to our own Sureia’s. Both places need our economic support to survive! [Emphasis added.]

The sense of urgency does not end there. “Does this cafe have an address.? It’s tedious how many brooklanders post things w ith no address.They do it all the time,” writes one respondent.

By the way, the cafe in question isn’t even in D.C. It’s in Mount Rainier, Md. And it looks lovely.