Gridskipper has recently put out their list of the most overrated restaurants in D.C. Tops among them….Lauriol Plaza.

The blog chain writes:

“Lauriol Plaza is the mother ship of overrated. The overpriced food here stinks, the lines are atrocious, and the service is abysmal. But this Mexican eatery continues to draw insane crowds almost every night of…”

Sure, Lauriol Plaza isn’t so great. But overrated? Don’t people know it kinda sucks and yet they still keep coming back? Rounding out the rest of its list are the predictable and not so predictable: Sequoia, Central, Bistro Du Coin, Gerard’s Place, and Jaleo.

Since I’ve only been to three out of the six, I’m not sure I can judge these things. Sequoia seems like a really dull choice. Why would the blogger even go there?