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Check out some good old Pope backlash. Not My Pope, a local-run website launched in 2005, claims to be “so darn mad” at Pope Benedict XVI (“a sham of a man, masquerading as Pope“) that it’s collected a site full of anti-Pope sentiment in an attempt to excommunicate him from the Roman Catholic Church. They also sell t-shirts.

One Not My Pope contributor is upset that the Pope hasn’t secured her nail-salon owning nephew a “nice, respectable girlfriend”; another is dismayed that the Pope is not a relavist. “This is stupid and I hate him,” he writes.

But the highlight of the anti-Pope site is its “Go Protestant” section, which ranks other Christian religions on a scale of zero crosses to five, from Roman Catholic (great, except for the Pope) to Unitarian (“The Unitarian Church is spiritually dead because God is not present except in the omnipresent nature of His being. Their beliefs are tantamount to heresy. Ratzinger probably loves Unitarians”).

My favorite is their take on the Baptist religion:

Forget old lady Jessup on the organ. Instead, come to see electric guitar playing longhairs rocking it out for the Lord. Watch out, though! Many Baptist churches are sham operations conducted by charismatic preachers who only wish to corrupt the loving message of Jesus for financial and political gain. And that’s just unacceptable for a Catholic.